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As you have arrived at this page it may be a fair assumption that you know you should get round to making a Will, re-writing a Will or setting up a Trust to preserve capital from the ravages of Inheritance Tax or Care Fees. If you don't have a Will you will die intestate, which could have severe implications for your family.

It can be daunting to make an appointment to see a solicitor - after all you just want to discuss your options first without the "clock running" on expensive fees. Also, if you are both working, getting the time off to make an appointment together may not be feasible.

As Will writers in Staffordshire and based in Tamworth we can offer home visits to suit YOU - so if you are looking to make a Will in any of the four counties that surround Tamworth then we can help.

Why make a will? 

While it is difficult to say what finally makes people decide they need a Will, there are certainly lots of benefits to doing so. The most frequently mentioned of which is that a Will allows you to decide what you would like to happen to your estate. However, if you are still not sure whether you need a Will it is worth thinking how it can help the people and cause that you care about.

Beneficiaries - Who can Benefit from Your Will

In England and Wales you have almost complete freedom to leave your estate to whoever you wish. After all, it’s your property! If you want to choose who to benefit from your estate – make a Will and spell it out. Otherwise the law takes over and decides how your property is to be distributed.

Can children inherit property?

The desire to make provision for your children is often the factor that first motivates people to start making a Will. While many of the points covered in our “Making a Will” section also apply, giving gifts to children raises a few additional points to consider. It is important to be aware of the age restrictions on certain types of gifts. A child under the age of 18 cannot own property, so if you would like to leave property to them in your Will you will need to use a trust.

RedLake Estate Planners and Probate Practitioners, specialist Will writers and Estate planning, adheres to the principles of promoting the highest possible standards within the Will writing profession.

At RedLake Estate Planners and Probate Practitioners we:

  • Are qualified by examination to write Wills and associated documents

  • Talk in plain English

  • Make you feel comfortable

  • Have at least £2million Professional Indemnity Insurance cover to protect our clients

  • Undertake regular refresher training to update our knowledge (Continuous Professional Development)

  • Offer a home-visit service by appointment, often in the evening if that is more convenient for our client

  • Offer secure storage arrangements for documents

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Who can make a will?

Anyone can make a Will as long as they are at least 18 and have testamentary capacity. There are some exceptions to the minimum legal age to make a Will in special circumstances, but the usual position is that the power to make a Will– like the power to own property – begins when a person reaches the age of majority: 18. 

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