Mortgages, Secured & Unsecured Loans 

RedLake offers introductions to an Independent Mortgage Broker who has access to the whole mortgage market and has a dedicated team that offers a first class processing service.

 In addition to Re-Mortgages they can also offer the following mortgage products...

Equity Release*,  Sale & Rent Back*, Mortgage Free Property Loan,  Buy to Let (Not Regulated)

* These enquires are dealt with on a referral basis by our authorised Affinity Partner

Property Purchases including Let to Buy 

A variety of lenders are available in this area. Each lender has its own criteria and unique selling points. A short telephone conversation will establish your current position, and exactly what your requirements are, thus enabling them to offer a solution. Documents will be sent for you to review, which may generate further questions which will be answered with no obligation. RedLake believe that clients value this open and honest approach. 

Mortgage Free Property Loans

This is a Mortgage Product that provides a capital lump sum to homeowners that own their principle residence outright and need a hassle free loan option. The product is particularly attractive to retired borrowers as there is no upper age limit and a loan can be completed normally within two weeks.

Secured Loans

Redlake has a panel of lenders that offer both Prime and Adverse Products. There are no initial charges payable by the borrower as a broker fee is charged only on completion of the loan and this can normally be added to the loan amount borrowed. Loans are available from £2,000 to £100,000 up to 85% LTV. The Early Repayment Charge is usually the balance outstanding plus 1 month interest.


Mortgage interest payments are usually the largest ongoing cost. Most lenders want to satisfy themselves that the rental income will more than cover the monthly mortgage payments. Lenders will look for rental income of at least 125% of the interest-only mortgage payments. This provides a safeguard against periods when the property isn't let, and helps landlords meet the property running costs.

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