Accident, Sickness & Unemployment  

If you are employed or self employed at the time of a claim, we would pay the benefit if you could not work in your own occupation due to sickness or accident. If you were not in employment when you claimed, we would pay the benefit if you could not perform a number of activities of daily living.

Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection

What does Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection protect against? The plan automatically provides accident and sickness cover, with the option for unemployment cover.

What benefits can the plan include? Mortgage Payment Protection, and/or Living Expenses Protection.

Can Mortgage Payment Protection and Living Expenses Protection have independent terms? Yes. Terms for each benefit under the plan can be the same, or overlap.

When would we pay out accident and sickness cover?

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When would we pay out
unemployment cover? 

If employed and made redundant: you must be in receipt of contribution or income based Job Seekers Allowance to claim under unemployment cover. If self employed: unemployment cover would be paid if you are declared bankrupt, are insolvent, or if your business goes into liquidation.

High Quality Cover

Accident and sickness cover that pays out until you are able to go back to work, however long it takes, not just 12 or 24 months like traditional MPPI. You can claim as many times as necessary, including for the same condition. After a claim the plan keeps on protecting for the full term.

If you're unable to work due to sickness or accident, we pay out if you cannot do your own job, not ‘any job' or any ‘suited job' - this is the best definition of incapacity for you (if you're not working when you claim we use a different definition, based on being unable to perform certain activities).

Cover that can be tailored to your needs:

  • Mortgage Payment Protection and Living Expenses Protection are set up independently, which means they can run to separate terms.

  • This means Living Expenses Protection doesn't have to end when the mortgage ends, because you need to protect your income doesn't always end with your mortgage.

  • With Living Expenses Protection you can choose inflation-linked cover which can help to keep up with the cost of living.

  • If you choose level cover, then the plan is fixed when your plan starts, and doesn’t change. This means it won’t keep up with inflation and is likely to buy less in the future.

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Guaranteed premiums: 

  • Premiums are guaranteed. There are no premium reviews or age banded increases, no matter how many claims you make, meaning peace of mind.

  • With Living Expenses Protection, you can also choose inflation-linked cover- which means the amount of cover and the premium increase each year in line with inflation.

  • This plan has no cash in value at any time.

  • If you stop paying the premiums, your cover may cease.

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